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OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
OpenPMF  ObjectSecurity - The Security Policy Automation Experts
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OpenPMF™ Makes Security Policy Manageable Through Automation

...when securing your organization’s interconnected IT landscape,
for example …

...are you going to manually configure & maintain
all security rules and configurations everywhere?

there are too many rules & configurations,
and too many changes to do this manually. It’s unmanageable.

the policy you wanted isn’t all that complex and long
if you write it out in human-intuitive concepts and terms, for example…

...and the policy gets very simple if you capture it in generic concepts,
for example...

ObjectSecurity OpenPMF lets you easily author such generic policies
and many more advanced generic policies, for example...

...and automatically calculates the matching technical rules & configurations.


...and even better, such generic policies won't need to be changed often,
even if your IT landscape changes! OpenPMF simply re-calculates
the technical updates for you!

OpenPMF automatically bridges the semantic gap
between human intuitive generic security policies
and technical implementation.

Author generic policies using terms you choose
Generate technical rules & configurations at the click of a button
Enforce & monitor via OpenPMF’s runtime, or export 3rd party configs.
Automatically update policies when your IT landscape changes
English language policy text exported at the click of a button.
Compliance documentation in English language exported automatically
Test policies before deployment (pre-release version)
Rapidly customize policies and enforcement for your organization



Serial Entrepreneurs Dr. Born & Dr. Kath, industry veteran Bruce D. Roberts, international hi-tech entrepreneur Martijn Kolenbrander, serial infosec entrepreneur Mike Prieskorn & automotive security/safety expert John Favaro join board
ObjectSecurity wins NIST SBIR contract to add policy testing to OpenPMF
ObjectSecurity presenting at Silicon Valley IoT Forum 18 Nov 2015
ObjectSecurity wins US government SBIR R&D sub-contract to extend OpenPMF to seL4 (more news soon)
OpenPMF explainer demo
OpenPMF now secures Eclipse OM2M IoT Services Platform
OpenPMF now secures the new RTI NDDS 5.1.1 release/DDS Security
ObjectSecurity presented"Access Control for 2016" at ToorCon 2015 San Diego 21-25 October 2015
COT2015 conference slides online: Cyber security market failure
New Blog post: "Cybersecurity 2015 - Manage Impact!"
Cyberontology.org / privacyontology.org community initiative preview
Japanese subtitled OpenPMF explainer video available!
License our MDS intellectual property
2nd OpenPMF MDS patent application allowed by USPTO
ObjectSecurity wins major $1.3M (EUR932K) contract as part of VALCRI, incl. OpenPMF deployment
OpenPMF is ready for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
1st OpenPMF MDS patent application allowed by USPTO
IEEE Article Cyber Model for Privacy by Design (PbD) IEEE CE Mag, Jan'15 issue
Analyst Coverage and Publications
Blog posts about model-driven security and
(Recording) Model-driven security, OpenPMF, TrustWand
OpenPMF powers TrustWand
Technical expert witness (litigation support)
Multi-year "ICSI" ITS project
SemanticXWiki open source released
Navy project demo video: OpenPMF
Model-driven security: Wikipedia
OpenPMF *FREE * trial available

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