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OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
OpenPMF 2.0 Model Driven Security Management
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A few of ObjectSecurity's Success Stories

Some examples include:

Multi-year "VALCRI" big data analytics EC FP7 project, deploying OpenPMF
NIST SBIR contract to design and commercialize anaccess control policy testing technology in OpenPMF
DARPA SBIR subcontract to implement OpenPMF in a high-assurance microkernel environment
Air Force SBIR subcontract to design an advanced model-driven security based access control approach
Navy SBIR subcontract to design information flow optimization approaches
UK Ministry of Defence R&D contract for OpenPMF Model-Driven Security Accreditation (MDSA)
Multi-year “ICSI” intelligent transport systems EC FP7 research contract, deploying OpenPMF
Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Information Security Management Task
Joint Air Traffic Management Study on SWIM Civil-Military Interoperability
OpenPMF Cloud Application Security Policy Automation Contract
European Space Agency (ESA) project “Next Generation Requirements Engineering” (NextGenRE)
3-year EU FP7 crisis management R&D project “CRISIS”, deploying OpenPMF
ObjectSecurity and Promia produce next-generation security technology for US military, using OpenPMF
ObjectSecurity receives “Most Promising Security Startup 2009” regional finalist award
U.S. Air Force Project Provides Advanced Security Protection for Distributed Systems, using OpenpMF
ObjectSecurity receives “Product of the Year 2009” award
ESG software delivery project of HEROS-2/Lot 2 for the 1st German-Netherlands Corps
SOA security research contract
ObjectSecurity Named "Cool Vendor" 2008 by Analyst Firm Gartner
Several successful project milestones with QinetiQ
Air traffic control project SWIM-SUIT
AD4 Air Traffic Control Project Success Story, deploying OpenPMF
Air traffic control middleware demo project for U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
2-year EU FP5 project "COACH", deploying OpenPMF for telecoms
Middleware security projects with Deutsche Telekom





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